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theGarage is creative innovation applied to communication. We started out in 2015 with the aim of doing things differently in the public relations and digital marketing sector. We are serious but creative, influential but accessible, risk-taking but effective, different but recognisable, fast but strategic.


Aware that differentiation is key, we focus our work on generating value for brands, increasing their reputation, influence and positive social impact.


We work to our own rules, guided by proactivity and transparency. Our team and our customers come first.


The basis of our work is that any idea is worth an extra twist. A project is not delivered until we are sure that it is the best possible version.


We like to encourage the brands we work with to go one step further, to try out new things. In a changing and uncertain environment, only those brands that are committed to creativity and difference are the ones that succeed in connecting with audiences.


We are the number 1 agency for communication and marketing directors in aspects such as working methodology, team of professionals and meeting deadlines.

Journalists consider us the most up-and-coming consultancy and the fourth best consultancy in Spain.

We are in the top division of “Most Exemplary Agencies” and “Most Attractive PR Agencies” for Communication and Marketing Directors in Spain.

According to Scope 2023, drawn up by Scopen.


We are the leaders in…

Good methodology and in-house processes

Good team of professionals

Effective problem-solving

Providing a good service

Meeting deadlines

What our customers most prize us for is our…

Team of professionals

Relations with the media


Customer service


What are journalists saying about us?

Up-and-coming consultancy

Most valued consultancy

Consultancy with a capacity to innovate


Here at theGarage we are committed to specialization, and our team has experts in corporate and product communication, lifestyle, Social Media, event production, design, and more… working for the biggest brands in sectors like technology, tourism, entertainment, finances and mobility.